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Frequently Asked Questions

Our experienced team from can help you all the way with transferring your new website to your own hosting and domain account. Note this only applies if you have CPanel Hosting. You will get an account manager to assist after purchase (from

Domain Transfer Knowledgebase

However, if you want to do the process yourself, here are some links from popular Domain and Hosting providers on how to transfer Domain

Yes, this can be done, however, we recommend keeping the domain under its original registrar, and simply transferring it from the previous owner account to a new one.


We will need your account number and email address.


We will require your account name and authorization code. To get the authorization code, please check this article to understand more link.

You can either set Push Security Settings to allow all or you can provide us with the code.

Here are a few ways customers monetize these sites after purchase:

1) Add more content including banners / links for AdSense or an affiliate offer or CPA or lead generation program
2) Create a blog network and rent links, or use them for SEO for customers
3) Create a sales offer and sell a product or service
4) Develop the site to the next stage and sell the site again
5) Build an email list and email market to that list
6) Combinations of the above

It will take effort and skill to develop them (much like normal property).

It is the number of pages appearing in Google. It indicates size / potential authority and ability to get more landing entry points

PR is one measure of site power attributed by Google. PR10 is the highest (and very rare) all the way to PR0 which indicates a site is indexed and ready to be powered up. As long as a website is indexed it can be built up very quickly with authority content and some well-placed links. An example is main business site which went to PR3 in 2 months or so with quality blog posts. VirtualSiteDirect sites are all indexed as at time of listing and are ready to build out.